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Yahoo has launched Yahoo Homepages for Homerooms, a program aimed at helping teachers and classrooms get funding for projects. Users can help teachers receive funding for projects by making Yahoo their homepage. The Yodel Anecdotal blog offers more details. Through Yahoo Homepages for Homerooms, public school teachers are eligible to receive funding from Yahoo if [...]

Borders announced a new version of its website on which users employ Google Books to preview a novel.  Now, the two organizations are building on that relationship, as would-be Borders shoppers should be able use Google Product Search to determine whether a local store has a given piece of merchandise in stock. Now, shoppers will [...]

An official app for users of the well-liked WordPress blogging software is now live on the Nokia’s fast-growing Ovi Store for mobile apps. It lets you blog on the go, and it competes the other platforms in features so Nokia-using bloggers have plenty to be happy about. Earlier WordPress released official apps for Android, iPhone [...]

Facebook is rolling out a new variety of Pages called Friendship Pages that pull together the public wall posts, comments, photos  based on tags  and events that two friends have in common. The Friendship Pages feature was cooked up by Facebook engineer Wayne Kao and then brought to life in an internal hackathon event. The [...]