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18 Apr, 2012

Facebook Ads Cost Increasing

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TBG Digital, who is one of the biggest spenders on Facebook advertising, recently released their first quarterly Global Facebook Advertising Report of 2012. The report, which is based on 12 months of data for 235 clients in 190 countries, analyzed 372 billion ad impressions to determine how the Facebook advertising landscape is changing. To ensure [...]

17 Apr, 2012

Customer Need Excellent Service

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Now-a-days many youthful experts are looking for the fast money or the fastest direction to make it.  It’s as though the concept our seniors eventually left for us on client service has washed out from our interest.  In a world where most people are worried with number one, it is easy to see that those [...]

13 Apr, 2012

Shortcomings In Doing PPC Research

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The obvious is seen mostly when inspecting data from AdWords. Information overload would be something great to contend with. The thing you need to remember between a part of the PPC metrics, create a decision and decide that rue you did not seek any further. Think of this when mapping out PPC campaigns and figure [...]

11 Apr, 2012

2012 Social Media Marketing Report

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Latest release of Social Media Marketing Report which is the 4th annual Report about Social Media Marketing.  Report is based on more than 3,800 responses from marketers across different markets. Some points focus from the report sets out to uncover the “who, what, where, when and why” of social media marketing. • Major benefits of [...]

10 Apr, 2012

New Features for Microsoft AdCenter

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Microsoft has recently put new additions in their update for the January 2012 adCenter release. Three major additions were mentioned: · AdCenter has made an increase to the ad description length at one additional character from 70 to 71. This was done to aid in import issues from other products which are advertising. · There [...]

06 Apr, 2012

Link Marketing Campaign – New Ideas

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To implement for link marketing campaign can be challenging. It can be a challenge at times to come up with new ideas for link marketing campaigns. Some strategies to get you started- Step Away From the Computer: Some people find their best ideas by stepping away from the computer. Go for a walk, to the [...]

04 Apr, 2012

Retargeting Saves Money

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By now, most of us have seen those ads that follow you around the Internet offering you the exact same product you searched for, browsed, or maybe added to a shopping cart. Depending on the websites you visit, you may even get an email with a product you were interested in along with suggestions of [...]

03 Apr, 2012

Improved Facebook Search Engine

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It is reported that Google engineer a leading team of Facebook engineers dedicated in creating Facebook search engine which is more updated, improved enables users to find shared articles or videos very easily. This is not your Facebook efforts is a type of traditional search engine such as Google or Bing website, which includes information [...]

02 Apr, 2012

Facebook Small Test New Self-Service

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To improve Ads self-service market Facebook is running a small test. It is reported that self service advertisers need more guidance for optimizing campaigns based on the marketing goals. For instance, some advertisers may want to get more app installs while others may be more interested in likes. That’s the main reason of testing new [...]

30 Mar, 2012

Upcoming Weekly Webinars

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This week Hubspot kicks of a four parts Facebook for Business series if you are interested, although the webinars are spread out over four months as well. I will be sure to post them as the webinars become available. You also still have plenty of time to register for the upcoming BlueGlass LA 2012 Conference [...]