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13 Apr, 2012

Shortcomings In Doing PPC Research

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The obvious is seen mostly when inspecting data from AdWords. Information overload would be something great to contend with. The thing you need to remember between a part of the PPC metrics, create a decision and decide that rue you did not seek any further.

Think of this when mapping out PPC campaigns and figure out how you could steer clear of them.

a. Data Mining –

Large data would be a great topic nowadays, as the available datasets show much potential that we had not analyze relationships and the like. However, together with this has come a situation, which is data mining. The temptation is high to claim that we have a lot of data. However, one must realize that you could not begin with the data and locate relationships in the process.  One could not begin with the data and seek out a relationship from there. You would need to begin with the theory and utilize the data for attempting to refute it. Should it not be refuted, the theory would be more apparent another day. In order to repair the problem, one should start from the hypothesis then proceed to get the data from Adwords.

b. Placing an average on averages-

This is a common practice. When Adwords  give metrics that are calculated, you won’t be able to add up or average the values without having to account for weighting.

Unless you would have knowledge on the standard deviation and the skew, the average ad position would not express enough for any judgments. You would need to fix this through ensuring that stats that are obviously just keyword appropriate would just be seen at keyword level.

c. Sorting Using the CPA-

When you appear identifying the worst performing ad groups or keywords, it may be easy for sorting CPA from high to low and take out performers not doing well. This would be a common occurrence from new Adwords users or those short on the time. Should you be sorting via CPA, you take out keywords not having the conversions. You should sort using cost and locate high cost or high CPA keywords and find the problems in that manner. You should not let non-converting keywords go on with no attention.

d. Utilizing impression share for Campaigns that are Broad Match-

Impression share would have no meaning if you are not aware of the search queries you would be advertising to. Since you could not locate the impression share at the level of search query, you will have to ensure that the campaign targets search queries needed.

e. Having Much Conversion Types-

Should you be tracking many types of conversion, you have to keep in mind that they would not all be worth the same value. Adwords would fail in the presenting of the various conversion types in a different manner. When Google claimed ability of putting apart conversion type together with click data, they deemed that advertisers were confued by the scheme, where in fact they weren’t. You need not optimize the campaign for CPA should each conversion type be of a various amount. You just need to select one primary conversion type for optimizing toward or utilize the API to get data in a meaningful manner and take these apart.

f. Deciding ahead of time-

Just the utilization of a single date range for decisions is a delicate task: you may have little data, or just mask changes that are recent. However, there would be another angle to this, which would be campaign managers creating small amounts of data. This usually happens before launching ads. If deciding between ads having 100 impressions each, you have no full knowledge of that with the more ideal CTR, no matter the premonition. So you have to wait and see.

g. Taking away first page bid estimates-

This is delicate and usually carried out by those experienced. One could be quick to dismiss estimates on the first page, regarding them as keywords that hazve average positions in the banner. But this isn’t its fault but of the understanding of average position which depends on impressions and not searches. Since you would not have impression share at keyword level, you would not know if the keyword on the first page would be reasonable at a time or not. The first page bid estimate is the best guess.

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