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10 Apr, 2012

New Features for Microsoft AdCenter

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Microsoft has recently put new additions in their update for the January 2012 adCenter release.

Three major additions were mentioned:

· AdCenter has made an increase to the ad description length at one additional character from 70 to 71. This was done to aid in import issues from other products which are advertising.

· There would a fast campaign budget overview widget for you to claim the budgets at once.

· AdCenter has also put in more mobile ad targeting to have you do it on mobile OS including iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows.

With the new features in AdCenter, you should seriously begin to ramp up your campaign efforts in Bing, it being the toughest competitor for Google. While most individuals would opt to concentrate on Google for their SEM efforts, they forget the fact that Bing has its loyal search base as well, considerably growing after the decline of Yahoo.

To add to it, advertising both on Google and Bing would be hitting two birds with one stone. (Include Yahoo in the mix and that would make it three birds.) You should allocate your budget in such a way that all search engines are catered in accordance with your goals. And make sure you have a keyword tool that could offer you data for all search engines. We recommend KeywordSpy’s Tracking  feature, which monitors the performance of keywords among Google, Bing and Yahoo, and gives you the domains performing well for those keywords, the ad-keyword combinations they use and the metrics that are pertinent to your research.

Peter Zmijewski is the founder and CEO at KeywordSpy. Through Internet Marketing he places his name on great search engine like-GOOGLE who is also called as Innovator, Investor, Internet Marketing Guru and Entrepreneur. For more updates don’t go away, please stay with us.

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