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02 Apr, 2012

Facebook Small Test New Self-Service

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To improve Ads self-service market Facebook is running a small test.

It is reported that self service advertisers need more guidance for optimizing campaigns based on the marketing goals. For instance, some advertisers may want to get more app installs while others may be more interested in likes. That’s the main reason of testing new apps in the self service ads creation tool.

According to the Menlo Park, CA based digital giant, there are some features given as below:

Flexible Targeting Options: Advertisers will be able to recruit specific interests and major category of targeting in the same campaign. In the current Marketplace Ads iteration, brands must choose between the two options.

Goals-Driven Ads Automation: Marketers will be able to specify key campaign aims like application installs or gaining likes/fans. The system will optimize their ads based on these goals.

A Simpler Interface: Major aim is to set up ad campaigns easily & to achieve specific market aims on Facebook.


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