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11 Apr, 2012

2012 Social Media Marketing Report

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Latest release of Social Media Marketing Report which is the 4th annual Report about Social Media Marketing.  Report is based on more than 3,800 responses from marketers across different markets. Some points focus from the report sets out to uncover the “who, what, where, when and why” of social media marketing.

• Major benefits of social media marketing are increased exposure and increased traffic, according to 85% and 69% of the respondents, respectively.

• 55% of respondents point out improved search rankings as a benefit of social media marketing. In 2011, 62% viewed social media marketing as a means to improve search rankings, but it decreases now.

• Gaining market insight through social media made its way into the top 3. The study found that B2B companies 68% were considerably more likely than B2C 59% to use social media for insight-gathering.

• Transforming fans/followers into devoted ones does not happen instantaneously. This may not come as any surprise; but it is supportive to the report, indicates that the time spent is important. 60% of those investing at least 6 hrs. in a week beneficial in using public as a foundation to obtain devoted customers, in comparison to just 46% of those investing 5 hrs or less weekly.

These are some points of the many interesting findings.

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