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30 Dec, 2011

Facebook Timeline Poll Feedback

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If there is the use of the Facebook Timeline and what’s your feedback about this. The results are really remarkable. Number of people that have Facebook Timeline like that Timeline and those who want to have Facebook Timeline are almost equal to those who have. Number of those people who do not want and those [...]

The “where were you when” conversations about major historical events, everybody likes to allow a little nostalgia now and again. The new year is coming, often serves as a trigger for this kind of memory lane wandering. Well, it seems that Twitter is no different. All afternoon people have been posting their collection with 10Years [...]

In today’s era everyone’s mind is set for mobile.  Whether it is about IOS v. Android devices or wonder for just how many have smartphones in these days. As marketers we are fully interested in who has them and if they respond well to advertising. eMarketer focus some data around the achievement of applications ads [...]

27 Dec, 2011

Google Panda Updating SEO Tricks

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Google Panda 2.2 is appearing to drop sometime soon, and with it, increasing levels of apprehension in the small business community on fears of further indirect damage to organic search traffic. Traffic Diversion: Many in appearance at SES Toronto felt that they accustomed significantly more traffic from Google organic search than any other added source, [...]

22 Dec, 2011

Some Precious SEO Worksheet Resources

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As we all know Shine and The search engines Papers can be great resources for any SEO advisor. Connect The search engines Papers or Shine up to API’s from The search engines, Somoza, SEMRush or any other device you like to take in data and you can begin to improve some key duties like market [...]

The greatest way to contact with company, brands or any celebrity is the Social Networking site “Facebook “, now it also enables to share ideas with Private messages for pages. This great feature is just being tested in a small region, somewhere in Asia , but it’s got the social media crowd — all a [...]

For Google, the Quality Score of a keyword would be tantamount to its performance. To sum it up, Quality Score would imply that the keyword will bring about your ads in a higher position, and in the process reducing your cost per click. Every time a search query matches a keyword, your Quality Score will [...]

Google+ has launched a new video web chat tool; with new features of video calling, which makes video chat more prominent and useful for people. Biggest boost of Google+ is for marketers are the upgrade to the video chatting Hangout on Air system. It allows a customer and brand to video performance, chat and presentation [...]

Mark Dulisse said “Does this scenario sounds humble…. You can purchase all leading traffic and tools of link building; spend great time for making a SEO optimized site; the traffic starts to come in bits and sporadic droves; but when traffic is unable to taking action as you would had hoped and so you feel [...]

In Feb 2012, Google has announced the migration of Conversion Optimizer and Enhanced CPC campaigns to “Optimize for conversions”. Further it is said by Google, “In conversations it will increase to 5%, on average of all advertisers who switch”. In addition Google said- Ensuring that your campaign settings are as well in line with conversation [...]