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We have changed it a little bit over the past few months to ensure that the information and insights we’re delivering are as useful and as useful and as relevant as possible to you, even if you are a executive of an agency or a business owner. We announced firstly  that there would be a [...]

25 Aug, 2011

Tim Cook, The New CEO of Apple

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Tim Cook, the new CEO of Apple, on the heels of Steve Jobs resignation. This is not a surprise in some way, as Tim Cook deals as a CEO his leave of absence back in January of this year for health reasons. Tim Cook with Apple in March 1998. Before Apple, Cook was vice president, [...]

22 Aug, 2011

Who Uses Google+ Most?

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Earlier this month, it was showed a display of data from the folks over at Bime concerning the demographics of Google+ early adopters. This analysis was based on over 4.4 million Google+ users, a little less than a fifth of users have reported a total at the time. What he finds is that the landscape [...]

A study by Outbrain shows that even the most popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are not very effective in driving traffic to a website. This requires a new internet marketing strategy of the company, when it comes to social media marketing campaigns. The results clearly show that search engines are much more [...]

It has just recently been announced that Bing and Baidu would come together to provide keyword search results in English for the China Market. This comes as important news, as English searches in China are on the rise, and in light of the recent withdrawal of Google from the Chinese market, Google’s loss could be [...]

Google improves its search results and refine the quality of access to information for users on site Links the Google While Google has also implemented an improved version of another site links to its users. But with the new version of website links, the layout is changed a bit, making them more visible, clearer and [...]

Start by defining the estate or interest at the heart of your program or website. Then follow all the basic guidelines below and use the tools that Facebook Platform offers to help you build a great social experience. There are three elements of social planning are followed: 1. Utilizing Community 2. Building Conversations 3. Curetting [...]

First, add more data @ FORUMNAME, so you can see very easily who retweeting with messages addressed to you. It also displays tweets that have been favored, but can we really use this feature? I am a big Twitter user and do not think I’ve ever favorite a tweet. This tab also drops a note [...]

Google update with Google+, Google Maps, and YouTube. The Google Search app is also getting a new version in the near future.  The new version was released as well as ios and Android, a lot of focus on greater support in the various ios devices. The new version provides more control of both Android and [...]

The reason for such an action is to fight against some misuse Facebook does for user’s private information According to the hacktivist group Anonymous is targeting Facebook, and they have set a date of November 5, 2011 for this to happen. What would you do if Facebook no more?  We will deal with this reality. [...]