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A few months back, the SEO world was rocked with the commencing of the Google Panda update. This update saw low quality sites weeded out in place of stronger ones. The said update got its name from an engineer named Panda. It involves an algorithmic change, one that shakes up the hierarchy of search as [...]

We have more than friends than ever on Social Media sites just feel more & more superficial.  When we retreat to comfort of the internet, we introverts have even less urge to get to know people IRL (In Real Life, for those who don’t spend all day on the internet). With these tips meet friends [...]

26 Jul, 2011

Query for Searching Google+

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With all technical writers and evangelists on Google +, which became a source of information. However, because the flow of information quickly enough in terms of changes to Google +, to keep track of this can be a bit overwhelming, this infant stage of the social networking platform from Google. You can serach for Google [...]

25 Jul, 2011

Stumble Upon – A Unique Service

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Stumble Upon is one of the more interesting services in the social media scenario. While it has their own social elements for sure, but it is much more about the content. It is interesting to observe that how content quality is handled with Stumble upon an area where Google has struggled and other new search [...]

Most important thing is that a site owner should be focus on website’s analytics. It’s important to know that what the actual traffic on your site. SEO is not a set and forget it kind of thing, so routine changes, tests and general tweaking becomes a critical factor of ongoing success. Without Google Analytics you [...]

It means a lot if you can get people to read the content off of your website. It doesn’t have to be an overwhelming hands down unanimous choice for a read, but it helps to gain a loyal following. Unfortunately, such an aim is compromised if your site does not get the traffic it ought [...]

19 Jul, 2011

Is Energy an Ethical Asset?

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James Allen first said that Energy is working power in every achievement. Inert coal converts into the fire. And water turns into steam. It vivifies and intensifies the commonest talent until it reaches to genius, and when it touches the mind of the clumsy it turns into a living fire which was before sleeping in [...]

Michael Lee Johnson thought that he was to be a good advertising marketers to gather more followers on Facebook over at Google +. His idea worked, but not as expected. Hundreds of new users of Google + now follow Johnson’s account, but it is not because of his ad. It is because it was revealed [...]

Last decade—the decade that ushered in the 21st century—the Internet has evolved into arguably the most important instrument in the world. But along with that, Internet Marketing has sealed its reputation. Thus was born SEO, PPC, and later on social media. While there were also cons that came along with it, such as black hat [...]

It is very exciting to be part of an integrated marketing campaign which manages to break down barriers and really engage the users in a creative manner. Last Agnes B, Sport b campaign has done just like that. With the use of the MSN in Hong Kong, the brand has been able to offer their [...]