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29 Apr, 2011

Apple ICloud on the Track?

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GigaOM new report mentions the “informant” as saying that Apple has purchased the domain iCloud.com from Xcerion, which changed its name to its service to icloud CloudMe CloudMe.com. According to the informant, Apple bought a domain of approximately $ 4.5 million. Naturally, one would assume Apple would be interested in “i” in the name when [...]

Local search result increases by Google panda updates, CNET now proclamation some data   as the result the compilation result increases about 100,000 Google result, Google.com tested in March and new update released last week. The interesting thing is that CNET data released in the table. Explanation CNET chief political correspondent Declan McCullagh said in his [...]

When it comes to boost you business, one can have several options for promotion, and also can have promotion strategies to make it done. SEO provide many techniques to bring you up on search engine pages. One method that could be easy, popular and effective is Blogging. Blogging for improving your client numbers has many [...]

Facebook has introduced a new set of security tools and resources. This starts a new Family Safety Center. At the Family Safety Center, users can find articles on security and privacy. Part of the philosophy, community, tools and resources for parents, students, teachers and police as well as direct links to applicable pages on Facebook, [...]

19 Apr, 2011

DropBox User Base To 25 Million

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DropBox announced some impressive numbers today. The service is claiming over 25 million users and 200 million files saved per day. “Dropbox to change the way you create and share their work life,” said Drew Houston, the CEO and co-founder of Dropbox. “Whether it’s construction, composition, or raise a family, we are focused on making [...]

Do bloggers really need to be active on Twitter to succeed in their blogs? It’s a question I asked on Twitter last week and has inspired some interesting conversation. First, I asked the below question: The only person I could think about was Seth Godin, and even that is not quite true. So I asked, [...]

15 Apr, 2011

Celebrate Foursquare Day on 16 April

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Most knowing site Wikipedia declared this Saturday Foursquare day, this Saturday Shared the birthday of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Bill Belichick, Peter Billingsley, Jon Cryer, and Martin Lawrence.  Only now it will also, according to New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. In its official proclamation Bloomberg on that subject “New York City is proud to be the [...]

12 Apr, 2011

Facebook Ups for Ad Prices By 40%

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First quarter of 2011 has started strongly in the U.S. for online marketing; with search marketing is growing by 17% year over year, as per the latest report from the Efficient Frontier. Facebook advertising is increasingly ambitious, with a cost per click (CPC) of up to 40% quarter on quarter (qoq). Display advertising also assured [...]

As the natural organic traffic is the very important traffic for every online business owner, blogger & webmasters. Therefore, to drive that valuable organic traffic from search engines to our site or blog, we must refer some strategies that work best for Offline SEO & to improve SERP (Search Engine Result Pages) ranking. According to [...]

08 Apr, 2011

Bing For IPad Application Started

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Bing launched a new application IPAD. The main theme, Bing seems to be looking to spend with it is that most of the contents of the homepage – or at least easily access. “Since its launch, Bing has been focused on supporting people stop searching and start to decide – no matter where they are,” [...]