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Amazon released its “Best of 2010″ lists today, which list the bestselling, most-wished-for, and most popular gift products of the year. Kindle Dominates Electronics It’s been a good year for Amazon’s own Kindle, as it was the bestselling product of the year, as well as the most wished for and the most popular gift, in [...]

Social media isn’t always as social as its name would imply. For example, you can have conversations with people online and really not know them at all personally. It’s possible that you’ve had a really deep and meaningful conversation on Twitter or Facebook with someone in your niche that you greatly respect, but if you [...]

Social media has walked the fiery coals of skepticism and has brilliantly performed as a marketing, customer service and relationship building tool beyond expectations. All size businesses have taken the polar bear plunge into what felt like an alien way of communicating with their customers. When businesses began using Facebook fan pages, Twitter, engaging on [...]

28 Dec, 2010

Microsoft aim on Making Tablet Gains

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It can only be a company of the stature as Microsoft that can continue battling and trying real hard to make it big in every field that it enters. No matter how much competition it faces from stalwarts like Apple, Google, etc. in the Tablet market which is dominated by iPads Microsoft is bent on [...]

Facebook defines itself as something that “helps you connect and share with the people in your life,” and now more than ever, it looks like folks are sharing videos.  Brightcove and TubeMogul determined yesterday that Facebook passed Yahoo in terms of video streams referred during the third quarter. To be clear: the difference wasn’t large, [...]

22 Dec, 2010

iPad acquire Verizon FiOS Mobile App

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Verizon announced today that it is extending its free FiOS mobile app to the iPad. With this, FiOS customers with iPads can remotely control their DVRs, and use the iPad as a TV remote control. “Verizon is pushing the boundaries of TV with innovative technology that continues to spur the industry’s evolution,” said Eric Bruno, [...]

Record labels and recording artists have been debating pretty much since the dawn of iTunes whether it’s better to make music freely available online, thus increasing its exposure, or to keep it locked down over piracy concerns.   In the past couple of years, the online stream has become more & more common, allowing fans to [...]

17 Dec, 2010

LinkedIn Launches Android App

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LinkedIn has launched a new Android app in beta. The app lets users view updates, search for people, respond to invitations, and keep in touch with connections. “This is the first time we’ve done a public beta for a mobile app here at LinkedIn and we have more features we’ll be launching in upcoming versions,” [...]

Twitter has closed its latest round of funding, providing $ 200 million to a whopping $ 3,700,000,000 valuation. By All Things Digital, the leading investor in the round are Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (KPCB). To funding, Twitter now proposed an estimated U.S. $ 360 million. His last major tour in September 2009 is when [...]

15 Dec, 2010

Business Twitter Opens

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For a while now everyone has been sending the when will you really make money on Twitter bombs in the front yard of the giant micro-blogging. It is a popular thing to do, but later cries lost a little steam (in part due to real business, like Dick Costolo to the bar) and the latest [...]