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Does your website offer higher service or product than your competitors? This question is usually answered by the credibility or the accuracy of your site. Why is your competition having a higher price with just similar service or product? Here are some factors that affect the credibility of your website (according to some research) that [...]

Companies looking to enhance their search engine marketing services need to focus on the needs of the user rather than aiming their optimization at the search engine’s algorithms. This is the view of Ray Comstock, writing for Search Engine Watch, who stated businesses need to understand what their target market will be looking for and [...]

To set the record straight, there’s been a lot of confusion around what Twitter may or may not be doing, stemming from an interview Reuters did with Twitter co-founder Biz Stone. Stone originally appeared to indicate that the company was considering partnering with news organizations on some kind of new Twitter news service. Since then, [...]

When it comes to data centers, we seem to hear about Google and perhaps Face book most often.  Both companies have been known to announce new facilities and expansions on a regular basis.  But apparently eBay has quite a lot of expertise in this field, too, as the U.S. Green Building Council recently awarded its [...]

Amazon.com has introduced a new free price comparison app for iPhone that lets people compare in-store prices with prices from Amazon and other online retailers. The app called “Price Check,” allows iPhone users to scan a barcode, take a picture, or say or type a product name to receive prices for an item from Amazon [...]

Quotations are excerpts by famous individuals who have made an impact on the lives of other people. A quotation is usually used if you want to get your point across an audience. It can summarize an entire presentation. Most speakers would even use quotes from famous people to make their speech memorable. But why do [...]

Yahoo has launched Yahoo Homepages for Homerooms, a program aimed at helping teachers and classrooms get funding for projects. Users can help teachers receive funding for projects by making Yahoo their homepage. The Yodel Anecdotal blog offers more details. Through Yahoo Homepages for Homerooms, public school teachers are eligible to receive funding from Yahoo if [...]

Borders announced a new version of its website on which users employ Google Books to preview a novel.  Now, the two organizations are building on that relationship, as would-be Borders shoppers should be able use Google Product Search to determine whether a local store has a given piece of merchandise in stock. Now, shoppers will [...]

Daily deal shopping website Groupon has reached a distribution partnership with Yahoo to bring local deals to users. Yahoo is delivering technology at scale that connects people to the things that matter most to them with fresh and engaging experiences. As content and advertising intersect online, partnership with Groupon is one more great way that [...]

Google recently unveiled Instant Previews which gives users the ability to see a website before they visit it. Google accomplishes this by taking a screenshot of every webpage in its index and giving users access to it with a magnifying glass icon positioned to the right of every search result. When a user clicks or [...]